Central Birmingham canal paths


The Birmingham Canal Network adds up to 100 miles and leads out to the Black Country, Wolverhampton and Worcestershire. I am very grateful for my years of lunchtime running or walking alongside the canal whilst working near a stretch of it.

Digbeth canal.JPG

The Birmingham waterways were constructed by James Brindley (1716 – 1727), the greatest canal engineer of the day. He has a pub named after him, on canal bank obviously.


James was born into a poor and uneducated home which explains his childlike scheme plans. He first learnt to control water flows by working with watermills in his home county of Derbyshire before he went on to shape the way canals were built in the industrial revolution. Ahead of his time, he made them narrow to save water.

Here are a few pictures including nature, graffiti and a wedding shot. It rained on our special day… but that occurrence is deemed lucky 🙂 

FullSizeRender-3 copy 5

Poppies & grafitti

Canal boat

Heart & peace grafitti

Steps & bluebells

Graffitti smile


Heron in flight


Goose family

FullSizeRender-20 copy



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