Please reconsider the purchase of plastic cotton buds


Plastic cotton buds are the most common plastic waste item found in the sea.

If you do use them PLEASE don’t flush them down the toilet as they are a danger to seabirds and other sea creatures like these lovely puffins on the Isle of May in Scotland.

I only purchase paper cotton buds and I get mine from the Body Shop.

Please see for more information and for a list of non plastic cotton bud suppliers.

Lana x



  1. I had no idea what a cotton bud was, here we call them Q-tips. Either way, that’s terrible what damage they cause to the environment and those cute little birds!! I hope people wise up.

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    1. Oh yes I should have remembered that and included as most of my WP friends are in US. I think Q tips is a brand name though? Like calling your vacuum cleaner the hoover? 🙂
      I adore puffins – they are very comical when they come in to land.

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      1. Ohhh you might be right about it being a brand. But they are still commonly known as Q-tips, like tissues are often called Kleenex (also a brand). We don’t call vacuums Hoovers though, unless it’s actually a Hoover brand. Funny how things in other countries can be so different!

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